Dabira Candle


Shola A. is the founder of Dabira Candle, a luxury candle company, based out of California. Shola worked with Tamera of Darden Creative for the launch of Dabira Candle, a new business venture for Shola.

She knew she wanted to set the right tone from the beginning, investing in her business and image quality. Tamera managed the entire process from beginning to end, creating a mood board & shot list capturing Shola’s vision for the brand. Shola had 100% confidence in the process & execution of the project.

Dabira Candle launched in May 2019 with a small e-commerce run. Within a week and a half, she was sold out and had 260% profit!

Shola appreciated Tamera’s ability to execute her vision & set the visual tone of luxury for her business.

“Working with Tamera was perfect and the process was a breeze. The planning process was great & I loved she was able to make edits based on my suggestions. I was completely satisfied with the results & I’m looking forward to booking another session!”

  • Creative Direction

  • Photography

  • Product Styling

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