content strategy & social media audit

"I'm talking to my audience, but I don't know if they are listening."

"I don't want to sound like everyone else."

"I sometimes feel like I'm lost in the sauce on social media."

"I don't know what type of content to create." 

Do any of these sound like you? I'm sure at one point or another you thought you were connecting with your folks on the 'gram or Facebook and then the algorithm changed. DOH! 

The only constant in social media is certainly change, but that doesn't mean you cannot connect with your ideal audience, just because of an algorithm update.

Social media is your Opportunity to establish your voice while organically connecting & engaging with your audience. Sometimes all it takes is a little direction to develop your content strategy. 

as cheesy as the saying goes, "no one is you and that is your power." let's make sure you're sharing the right things so the right people hear you. 

"The whole experience, from signing up to the call was seamless... answering the questions made me feel more confident in the service I was about to receive. The call was GREAT. Tamera took the time to look at my Instagram feed and really asked questions that pertained to me. It felt very targeted for ME and what I wanted to achieve! I loved it all and her recommendations were on point! 

- Kali Nicole, Bridal & Special Event Makeup Artist

"I did most of what Tamera recommended during our call. Not only did traffic increase on my Instagram, I am getting more engagement on my posts! Throughout the day I review my 9 to 12 grid view of my pictures to make sure the colors are consistent and telling a brand story. I added a CTA (Call to Action) and link in my profile along with branded photos & my Shopify analytics say the article is trending in the top 10% of blog articles posted that week! The money spent on your services was well worth it!"

- Ebony Gerald of Utopian Closet



To begin the process, you'll schedule first book your audit call with the 50% investment required at booking. Balance is paid on the day of your audit. 

After booking your audit, you will receive a discovery package. The discovery package includes an assessment and worksheets that ask specific questions about your business goals, adjectives to describe your business, inspiration images and social media goals. 




During our call we will review your current social media strategy including offering suggestions for bio update and visuals. I will also recommend type of content, frequency, copy suggestions and hashtags. 

After our call, you'll receive a summary sheet, including a mock 30 day editorial calendar to get started immediately! 



book your audit TODAY!