What is the Photo Biz Accelerator?

I work with passionate women photographers who love creating beautiful imagery for their clients and making money to support their lives and travel. The only problem is inquiries barely trickle in resulting in accepting any job that passes her desk to make ends meet or being passed over for “another photographer”.  You’re starting to feel resentment and wonder if you should pick up a full time job instead of truly following your heart’s desire to pursue photography full time. With the photography mastermind, you’ll find the confidence to double or triple your prices and implement systems so you can work smarter, not harder. You’ll also build a professional branding & online presence, while being yourself to attract & book your ideal clients consistently so you can feel empowered to pursue photography full time. You can finally book your dream vacations and massage without the guilt and regain your time back to enjoy life with your friends, fiancé and dog Penelope. 

Topics covered over the 5 week program include: Mindset Development, Positioning Yourself as an Expert with your Content, Pricing, Workflow, Visuals (Website & Social Media) and Sales Coaching.

While in the mastermind, you’ll receive:

Weekly video chats to gain real time feedback & attention

weekly homework so that you can make actionable changes in real-time

A Workbook with all the program content to review in the comfort of your home and take notes

Guest business experts to share content to help you run your business like the CEO you are!

Enrollment is now closed, but will reopen in the Fall!