Outfit Post: My Favorite Camel Coat 2 Ways

Happy F**king Tuesday!

... Too much?! I'm just so energized. Sorry! This post features one of my favorite items I purchased last Fall before it was The. Coldest. Winter. Ever. Every once in a while I get into a vintage mood and head down to one of my favorite vintage places downtown, No Relation Vintage in the Lower East Side, New York. It's one of my favorite stores because they have a huge collection of outerwear, shoes, plaid shirts, skirts and denim. 

Anywho, I was looking for a long camel coat and stumbled upon this one. I love for a number of reasons. One being the faux fur leopard printed collar. I mean, who wouldn't love that! I have a fixation with leopard and own a pencil leopard print skirt. Maybe you'll see that one day. Other reasons include the oversized buttons and pockets and its length. Oh, and it was only $35 bucks. Win, win, win, win all around! 

I have no issues wearing things more than once, especially if I like it. Because what's the point of owning it if you don't wear it?! Any who, here is me wearing this number two ways. Trust me, I've worn this more than two times. I've even layered with a light weight parka. Trust me when I say it's chic, cute and smart.