Dedicated to Mama...

Well, well, well. Hello! It's me again. You might say, this is the "new new" me. Except, it's me, just with prettier packaging. I love this site. It truly represents who am I and what I intend to offer you guys. Good, clean and sophisticated fun. Maybe I'll drop a F-bomb every once in a while. I like the word and sometimes it's just adds a very colorful expression to whatever you're saying. Sue me. 

So, who am I? I'm a wardrobe stylist with a knack for plaid and lover of color, specifically primary colors & neon green (you'll see in future posts). I believe your wardrobe should be the best representation of who you are before you say anything. It should help project confidence and power. It should just be you! 

I believe and know for a fact that there are many women out there who want to look amazing and  put awesome things together. You just need a little help. Hey, it's okay. We all need help in some way. And if someone is awesome, they'll offer their knowledge to help that person be better! See where I'm going here?

But let's get back to the title of this post, my mama.

Please forgive the lack of brevity. But I promise it'll be worth it and will rarely happen. 

My mama or grandma, has been my confidant for some 20 odd years. She is straight forward, sassy and loving. But she was lacking in the style department. No joke. It could be because after retirement, her discretionary income depleted. She had to live on less and that meant not spending money on things like clothing. She always would talk to me about wanting to update her look but was afraid to spend a lot of money. I remember looking through her closet and she had items from the 80s. Like, before I was born. Don't get me wrong, there were some gems! But a lot of what she owned was outdated and didn't represent her current style. When really getting to the root of the matter, she kept a lot of these items because she couldn't afford (or at least she thought) to buy new things.

"New clothes would just be expensive and I don't really have the income. I need to keep items for a long time because I don't know when I can replace them."

It was an eye-opener for me. She was expressing a concern that many women probably say to themselves when they want to update their look. And I had tears in my eyes. I thought to myself, "she doesn't want to wear those old velour track pants, she wants to look fabulous in a pair of jeans... but needs to be reassured that it won't cost a fucking arm and a leg". 

So one day, we went shopping. She started listing her wants and concerns: nothing too tight, something that drapes, and damn it something that looks good! So we went to one of my favorite stores: Old Navy. Yes, Old Navy. A lot of people sleep on Old Navy, but they cater to most body shapes and have a great assortment of color and silhouettes. But you don't hear me though. I digress.

I needed to get her out of those velour track pants, so we focused on denim first. She needed a pair that she could wear everyday whether she was going to a bible study group or the supermarket. She is small 4"9' and has a Figure 8 body type. So I soft sold her on a pair of skinny jeans in a dark rinse. Not the easiest thing to do. What's the one thing most women with booty worry about? Showing their booty. The dichotomy right. Newsflash: Guys will find any way to look at the booty. Doesn't matter if you have on a brown paper bag. So the concern should be, do your bottoms fit well? Not baggy, but snug and certainly not skin tight. So after some convincing and compromising, I choose tops that offered draping and coverage of her backside. A pretty fair compromise. 

Then I told her to look in the mirror. She was beginning to like what she saw. She saw her shape after hiding it under sweatshirts and baggy sweats for years. The only time my grandma has dressed up was for church. This was progress. We tried a few more items, including bootcut jeans in a dark wash. Basic layering tops, like long sleeve v-neck shirts and accessories, specifically scarves. Below was the result...

I mean... look at those legs! Those arms! Amazing right?! Throughout the process I would mention the cost of the items just so she knew that we were not making it rain in Old Navy. We were saving coins and becoming stylish. She loved the result. I loved the result. We were both on board. Those track pants are a thing of the past. In the trash. I made sure of that. 

I say all of this to say, that if I can make my mama fall in love with a pair of skinny jeans, I can help you find your inner Style Queen. It will be within your budget and based on your needs and concerns. And it will be a journey both of us will enjoy. My grandma stands just a little bit taller when she hangs with her bible study group. The compliments help too. *wink*

So, thanks mama for being my guinea pig and my inspiration.