How to Wear Neutrals

Some days I like to wear color and other days I'm all about black and white. Neutrals are a great way to "cleanse" your palette and can be a nice break from wearing bright colors.

Sometimes I wake up and I'm in a "black" mood. Hell, it could be because I feel bloated and want to mask a little pudge. C'mon we've all be there. But let's not let that be our only excuse to wearing black and white. It can be sleek, chic and clean. Just all around boss. 

Bloggers who front HautePursuit and The Grey make neutrals look cool and I sometimes look with envy at their IG accounts, "like what the what?" But I love color so I digress. 

Below you'll see some of my favorite neutral outfits and if you keep scrolling, you'll see three outfit ideas. Because I believe in maximizing with less, each outfit is featuring the same element, in this case the white moto jacket. 

Once you read, tell me which outfit stands out to you and why. Will you try the neutrals look?

Outfit 1

I'd totally rock this outfit for work. This is a nice updated option for business casual offices. The pencil skirt is great for women who want to accentuate their waist and slim down their bottoms. I love pencil skirts. They lift and slim. Double Love. 

Outfit 2

Funny because I'd wear this to work also. Wearing white can be tricky, so its definitely important to be mindful of silhouettes when wearing this color. But don't think you can't wear white! That's a big myth. I pair this moto jacket with a cute flared skirt. Wearing full skirts are great for adding volume, without the excess fabric. 

Outfit 3

This outfit is for someone that may want to dip their hand into the neutrals trends but not fully commit. Hey I understand. So I paired the jacket with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are a great silhouette. The casual, comfy and chic. Pair with heels and you have a date outfit.