3 Things to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Purchase

It’s bright. It’s sexy. It’s on sale. It shall be yours! But wait just a second. Before you hand that cashier your debit card, you may want to ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” The reality is we never really, truly need that new jacket, shirt, necklace, and on and on. 

Look, I totally understand the want to buy something that will make you happy. Look, I do a little happy dance when I find and then buy a pair of pants that fits me perfectly. When I buy a new piece of jewelry, I’m a Rockette.

But let’s entertain quickly a check list of what to ask yourself before you buy. It is something I ask myself with almost every purchase. It’s saved me some trouble and cash in the process.

1. Do I already have something similar in my closet? I find myself asking myself this question a lot. And the answer is usually yes. *chuckles* Perhaps you do not need that two button blazer, when you have a one button blazer. Another example, you have an coral button up, you do not need a striped coral button up. Instead opt for a new accessory, such as a necklace or bracelet to update your look. 

2. Can I find an inexpensive alternative? One of the pros of being a woman, is the ability to go from high street to main street and find alternatives. What I learned while doing product development is that a lot tof he items you see in stores, is manufactured in the same factories. Oscar de la Renta can be manufactured next to H&M. So if you can find the inexpensive alternative, cop that one! Beside, you can save some coins for your next trip. :-)

3. Can I pair with items already in my closet? A really good test to determine if an item is worth buying is thinking of three simple outfits. For instance, you have your eye on a pair of printed pants. You can pair with a basic tee, button up or blazer. In my Maximize Your Wardrobe class, I show examples of how you can create 6 outfits around 1 item. Sign up for the newsletter to get updates for when the next class will be offered! 

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