My First E-Guide On Sale Now!

Hello Ladies and Happy Friday! It's June. Already. What the hell? It makes me really wonder, am I doing everything thing that I can to make this year amazing?! The next thing that runs through my head in all seriousness, "is it beach time?" No. Joke.

I bought three bathing suits last year and still haven't gotten a chance to wear them. So of course they still fit. But that doesn't mean I don't want new ones!!! But where to start? I've seen so many women, beautiful women, commit sins and major faux pas on the beach wearing the wrong bathing suits. Most of the time it is because the fit is wrong and more important, the wearer waited until the last minute to purchase her swimsuit. 

That was the thought I had when I created my first e-guide, "The Last Minute Swimsuit Shopping Guide." It is quick with a lot of images and simplifies the shopping process. The guide covers:

- Quick Shopping Tips for certain body concerns including:

  • Minimize Tummy
  • Create Hourglass Figure
  • Small Bust

- Ready to Shop Links! Like what you see, you'll be able to click select images to purchase.

I'm so happy to share this e-guide with you ladies and I hope you like it! You can click on the image below to purchase. The e-guide officially releases June 1st, but I'm offering it this weekend at a special promo price of $5.00! Yes, only $5.00! Use code LASTMINUTE to redeem this offer!

If you like what you read or have comments, please shoot me an email!

I hope you enjoy!


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