#stylepowerchat Twitter chat!

#stylepowerchat Twitter chat will be every other Wednesday at 7pm EST.  

#stylepowerchat Twitter chat will be every other Wednesday at 7pm EST.  

Good Morning Beauties! 

It has been a little cray in the Darden household of 1. I've been doing visual merchandising for Old Navy and just recently I started doing visual for The Container Store! This is on top of new client meetings/passion projects and volunteer work! I'm the second hardest working woman I know. Lol 

But yesterday, I added host as I hosted my very first #stylepowerchat! I created it for several reasons: 

1. I love the Twitter platform. It's a great way to connect with amazing people in different parts of the world that you probably would not be able to meet otherwise.  

2. The Twitter chat is an informal discussion on how to find and embrace your personal style and how to live your best life inside and out. Last night's topic was Style Myths and its effects on achieving your personal style. 

3. It's inclusive! Anyone can join! As long as you bring an open mind and heart and no mean girl shit, you're good to go! 

4. I'm beginning to realize that while I can light up in a room, that every once in a while, I have introverted tendencies. So this chat helps me bring out my personality from the comfort of mi casa while still connecting with folks. 

I am so happy to everyone who joined and the conversation truly sparked my inspiration for future chats to come!! 

I hope you ladies can join the next one on the 24th!

Wit Love,


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