Quick Tips for Wearing Stripes

I love wearing stripes. I think it's a great print to create a chic and modern outfit. Whether you prefer diagonal, horizontal or vertical, here are some tips to finding the stripes that work for you.

1. Space between stripes - be mindful of the size of the stripe. The wider the distance between stripes, the wider the object appears. So, if you have broad shoulders, opt to wearing a stripe that starts at your bust versus at the top of the shirt. 

2. Horizontal stripes make anyone appear broader. Yea, even me. So it's important to try on anything with horizontal (left to right) stripes to make sure it still looks proportionate for your body type. 

3. Vertical stripes are slimming. So are diagonal stripes. Vertical stripes (up and down) are flattering for the body and help in slimming down your silhouette. For example, a pinstripe pant looks great paired with a classic white button down shirt with some pearls. Diagonal stripes are great because it accentuates curves and creates them where there is a lack there of. 

Tamera DardenComment