What's an Editorial Calendar and why do you need it?

If you're multi passionate, chances are you have your hands in more than one stews.

Or you may have a 9-to-5, while still putting in work during 5-to-9. Within the mix, you may manage a blog and a few social media channels with your small, but mighty team of one.

Which means, you need a way to keep it all organized & manageable. Insert an Editorial Calendar. For the sake of creative entrepreneurs, an editorial calendar is a document that lists all of your social media posts and helps keep everything in one place. This can include, blog posts, social media posts, giveaways dates, vacation, etc. 

I gotta be honest, I just recently started using some form of an editorial calendar several months ago. And while it is an informal document, it allows me to flush out all of my post ideas and serves as a guide for when to post when across my social media platforms. 

An editorial calendar is great for a few reasons:

1. Helps mange & organize your posts.

When you don't know Tuesdays from Thursday (trust the days begin to blend together), you can revert back to your Editorial Calendar to figure out where you are. Simply put, it helps you find your head from your you know what. Determine which days will be your blog post days & which days will be your social media posting days.

2. Keep track of holidays & special events.

Using an editorial calendar allows you to create content surrounded around an important event/holiday. Consider September. Back to School Season, the US Open and the beginning of Fall. Knowing where holidays/events fall, can help prepare you to capitalize with relatable content & popular hashtags. 

3. Develop a marketing cadence & strategy for product/service launches.

An editorial calendar is a great tool when you're planning a product or service launch. It can totally serve as the guide for your marketing strategy. Plan out your newsletter launches, social media post & content and blog posts, along with frequency. It is certainly something I used to help put together The Find Your Light Creative Workshop and I'll totally use it as for new service/product launches in the future. 

An Editorial Calendar does not have to be a formal document.

It can simply be a format that allows you to see what you'll post by day. Like myself I simply use a calendar template to manage my posts. For a simple template, click here.


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