Free Webinar! Finishing Touches: How to use your iPhone editing apps

Good Morning Lovelies!

When it comes to photo style, I'd like to consider myself a minimalist who enjoys bright pops of color. And I try to make sure my Instagram feed captures that with every picture. 

After a recent client project, I really enjoyed creating content on bright white backgrounds. It looks crisp, clean and if there's color, it certainly pops. 

A few days ago, someone slid in my DMs, asking me how I achieve bright whites and after I sent her 5 paragraphs of information (which was probably intimidating), I decided to post a short video on Periscope. Check it out by following me: darden_creative. 

But I think it's probably easier to actually see how I do it, because we're visual learners and all. So, I've decided to offer a free webinar where I do just that. 

Join me on Wednesday, June 27th at 5pm where I'll walk you through a few images and how I edit those photos! To get the link for the free webinar, sign up for Darden Creative's mailing list! 

It'll be fun! Until next time...


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