One-on-One Mobile Photography Coaching Sessions!

Hey Guys!

I recently hosted a Free Flat Lay Styling Webinar and announced two new launches happening in October! 

The first is 21 Day Flat Lay Challenge. Think 21 dresses, but instead lots of props & color. It starts on Monday, October 3rd. For more information, simply visit the 21 Flat Lays Blog Post

The second launch is One-on-One Mobile Photography Coaching Sessions! I'm excited about launching this program because a lot of you out there use your phone to capture moments and even product images used for your business. And you deserve to let your products/message truly shine with some amazing photography.

You're probably saying to yourself, that's silly but the statistics are clear: 67% of consumers say a photo quality image influences them to buy over a long description, customer review or product info ( So you owe it to yourself to know the basics of how to create amazing imagery. 

Plus, I love doing webinars because I get to connect with you lovely folks worldwide! But actually, it helps big time to see what goes behind creating great images & flat lays in real life.

So now there's probably questions and rightfully so! 

Who is the One-on-One Mobile Photography Coaching Session For?

This is great for bloggers, product based business owners or content creators. Bloggers because maybe you need stock images for your blog posts? Or you're looking for a great image to then overlay text in Canva? This would be great for you. Product based business owners because you are constantly creating content for your brand: product photography, flat lays, people wearing your product. You know your brand better than anyone, so why not take images that reflect your brand! Taking it a step further, you may be in the beginning stages of your brand and looking for cost effective options before taking the leap to invest in a company like Darden Creative. This would be fantastic for you! Content Creators because you're probably a personality or building a personal brand for your business. Like bloggers & business owners, you know your brand better than anyone else. 

What does the coaching session cover?

The 2 hour coaching session covers: Basic Lighting Setup, Various Flat Lay Layout Ideas, Common Photography Terminology and Mobile Editing Apps. You'll get hands on training in a personal studio and more importantly, insight based on your business. 

How many slots are available per month? 

There are only 4 slots available per month. Once you book your coaching session, you will be directed to a calendar to select the time & date that works best for you! Once they're gone they're gone! 

Are the coaching sessions nationwide?

Currently the coaching sessions are only available for those in the New York Metropolitan + Northern Jersey (Jersey City, Hoboken) Area. Updates will be provided when it is extended to other cities. 

What is the Investment?

The investment is $199. But for a limited time it is only $99! The special promo is only through Friday 10/7. 

I'm ready to reserve my spot! 

***Throws confetti*** YASSS! To book your coaching session & reserve your date/time, visit this link! 

I'm so excited to share this information with you guys! Hope to see some of you in October!



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