What's a Mood Board and what does it have to do with Flat Lay Styling?

If you can take anything on your desk and create an amazing flat lay, chances are you don't have any difficulties coming up with plenty of ideas to shoot. But sometimes flat lay styling, like any skill & talent, takes practice & money. 

I'd love to always buy any items I see simply to have for the slight chance I'll use it for a flat lay. Because I'll eventually use those honey dippers, darling (which I did for several shoots). So to stay focused or save what little dough I have, I create mood boards for my projects. 

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a collage of images, that help to convey a theme & direction. The mood board can be digital or physical. Another word for mood board is "vision board". 

Mood Boards offer direction & can be used as inspiration for shooting style, type of props & backdrops, positioning of products, etc. It is simply a guideline to make sure you don't veer to far off course when you're shooting flat lay images. Creating mood boards is something I've always done for my projects big or small, especially when I was wardrobe styling. 

When creating physical mood boards, you can choose anything that you may use as inspiration: magazine tear sheets, ribbon and fabric. For digital mood boards, 

A mood board for a current client. 

A mood board for a current client. 

Furthermore, a mood board can help keep your budget on target. After reviewing your mood board with your strong & mighty team of one, you may not necessarily need 18 honey dippers. Your business account and supply closet will thank you later. 



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