3 Content Categories for Your Brand

Let me start out by saying, I'm all about simplicity. No frill, just simple, clean design. So when it comes to the type of category you should be sharing with your audience, it made sense to keep it as simple as possible. 

There are 3 content categories you can explore when you feel like you're voice is lost in the sauce. Sometimes, it really is as simple as you think. So without further adieu.


This category involves offering content that will enrich your audience. For example tutorials, industry knowledge or educational information. When you provide valuable content it is information that is highly valuable for your brand muse. Moreover, it is easily actionable. In other words, your Brand Muse will be able to put your words in practice immediately. Tutorials are great examples of Value-Based content. 

Examples of Value Content: 5 Minute Makeup Tutorial, Favorite Brushes, Favorite Eyebrow Pencil, Amazing Foundations for Darker Skin Tones

B.T.S. Behind the Scenes

This category help show a "real" look in the the In's & Out's of your brand/business. It offers as one of my client likes to say an authentic "taste & smell" (sans the allergies) of your voice. Sharing personal touches of your personality offers a human element and a level of vulnerability that would be appreciated by your Brand Muse. Your content can be in the form of flat lays, location, quotes and other sourced images. The key is to be authentic! 

The only tip of advice I do share with my clients is to be mindful as to how much you want to share. If you don't want to share pictures about your bae or family, don't. There is nothing wrong with a little mystery. 

Examples of B.T.S.: [Life Coach] Prepping for an upcoming workshop, Flat Lay of Coaching Materials, How I Maintain Balance, Favorite Workout to Stay Motivated


Last but certainly not least, Promotion. Of course you'll making money. That's what we do! But there are a few guidelines when sharing promotions. Direct marketing should be 20% of your content (or 1 -2 sales promos/month). Moreover, instead of direct promotion, think about speaking directly in the voice of your Brand Muse. 

Let's say you're saying an eco-friendly water bottle for 20% off instead of beating the promo in the head, try saying this: "A tall bottle of water would quench my thirst in Summa heat. But instead of reaching for that damaging plastic bottle that can hurt mother earth (no goodie!), try this eco-friendly water bottle! It’s durable, cute and even better, it’s 20% off this weekend ONLY! Grab your favorite color before it sells out!"

It's all about connecting with your Brand Muse on an emotional level not just for the sale. 

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