Apps I Use to Automate my Business

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One of the goals for my business was to offer an elevated experience while still working efficiently. What’s helped me save time & secure the bag has been to automate several aspects of my business!

Automation offers you the opportunity to have a streamlined process and frees up space to run your business or implement strategy.

Here are my favorite programs that I highly recommend.


Calendly - This is a scheduling app that can be linked directly to your calendar. I remember I was becoming so annoyed going back and forth via email trying to plan a meeting or lunch date that I said this must end now! Setting up a Calendly account is free, with the option to upgrade if you’d like to accept payments. How it works: set up your event type, your availability, length of your call, add questions and boom! You’re good to go. This has saved so much time and makes scheduled & rescheduling (in app) so easy for clients. The other cool thing? You can integrate with your google or outlook account to make sure you avoid any time conflicts. You should download this before reading the rest!

Mailchimp - Mailchimp has gotten an upgrade recently and they offer automation options for free! If you’re not looking to use Convert Kit, that starts at $29/month, start with Mailchimp. What can you automate? Maybe you have a sales funnel: a freebie that leads to an offer. Do the work upfront and let your funnel do the rest. Need help setting up your funnel? I recommend Danielle Leslie, creator of Course From Scratch or Marva Goss, a sales strategist.

HelloSign - Want to elevate your business this year? Use a 3rd party program that manages contract signatures. HelloSign is free with 3 documents/month. Upgrade for unlimited documents for less than $20/month.

Zapier - Are you using programs, that require a 2 step process? For example, let’s say you’re planning a webinar and you want to add webinar sign up emails into your email list? Create a Zap! Zapier is a 3rd party program that offers the option to automate commands between 2 or more programs. This is a game changer and a time saver! This program is also free with the option to upgrade.

Asana - I use Asana as my project management program for my clients. While set up is required, you can add due dates to select tasks. As a result, Asana will send reminders for the tasks, think contract signing & deposit payment, will no longer run the risk of being delayed. Another great program to elevate your business and it’s also Free with the option to upgrade.