Brand Spotlight: Flo+Theo

This month's brand spotlight features the dynamic duo behind vegan and natural body care line Flo+Theo. Ebony and Mayowa have created amazing products that are truly heaven in a bottle. Continue reading to learn more about the sisters and which one is Flo and Theo. 


1) Describe your style in 3 words. It's two of you, so six words! 

Mayowa : Simple, Over- sized and Fluid. 

Ebony: Comfortable, Clean and Eclectic.

2) I love the background story behind the title of Flo & Theo. For those who don't know, please tell us where the name originates from. 

Flo is short for Florence, which is our mother’s name. She is a huge inspiration to us and is definitely our greatest supporter, always cheering us in whatever endeavor we set our minds on. Theo was our uncle’s name, who we lost to sickle cell anemia. Both individuals have had a tremendous impact on our lives, so it was important for us to acknowledge and honor that. We also liked how the names sounded together. It is definitely a conversation starter, we're always asked, which one of us is FLO and which one is THEO.

3) I read on your website that you use all natural products and vegan products. What was the process behind being not only all natural, but also a vegan skin care line. 

FLO+THEO products are created with simple yet effective all-natural and vegan ingredients. We are inspired by Mother Nature and believe that less is more. We ensure that our skin care blends never contain parabens, petroleum, synthetic fragrances or alcohol, just good, wholesome ingredients.


We also make sure that our products never contain any animal by products. For example, in our soaps, we never use tallow or lard. In our lip balms, instead of using beeswax, we utilize a botanical alternative called candelilla wax. And of course, we only test on our family and friends, never on animals. 


4) One of your offerings is a Beard Elixir. Briefly describe the benefits of the product. Are you looking to expand more offerings for men? 

FLO+THEO's beard elixir is a beard-tested and approved formula. The oil is extremely concentrated, meaning only a few drops are needed to moisturize and nourish facial hair. The beard elixir also works as a daily facial moisturizer. Jojoba oil is our magic ingredient. It has been used by Native Americans for many years, is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and most closely resembles sebum ( the oil naturally produced by the skin).


We definitely would like to expand our men’s offering and we currently have a few things in the works.


5) Both of you ladies have an inspirational story behind what you were doing before and now you're focusing on building Flo & Theo. What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs/creatives who are looking to take the plunge to focus full time on their dreams

We would say just take the plunge, even if you just start small at first, just do it. The reality is having a business is really hard but also totally worthwhile. We have learned during this journey, that nothing quite compares to creating something tangible and successful from a mere idea.

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