Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you guys had a very productive week! As some of you may or may not know, I've shifted creative gears to visual content development. What came out of it, was a monthly blog feature, where I'll spotlight amazing local brands. 

The first up is the husband and wife team behind BYKANDFISCH. BYKANDFISCH is a bespoke pocket square/rounds created by lovers and friends, Shaun and Astrid Crowley. Having worked with this product first hand, I can say the quality and attention to detail is beyond amazing. Continue reading to see more pics and to learn more about BYKANDFISCH

1. In your words, describe the inspiration behind starting the brand BYKANDFISCH. 1a. Describe you and your wife's style in 3 words. 

Inspiration for Byk and Fisch was born out of need.  I was to be teaching a seminar on the subject of luxury to some retail execs at Louis Vuitton.  I mentioned to Astrid that I needed to buy a new pocket square to look fresh for the class and she said that she actually made them for years in Germany.  Astrid is a talented women's knit wear designer, but I had no idea that she hand-rolled men's pocket squares as well.  Byk and Fisch was a very natural progression.  

1a.  I'd describe our style as precise, whimsical and timeless.  

2. I read on your website that it takes approximately 3 hours to produce a pocket square. That takes true dedication, patience and attention to detail! How often do you release new designs?

We have the luxury of creating, not manufacturing.  The difference is we are able to pay close attention to the details and maintain the strictest quality.  We introduce 3 new styles a month on average.  It can be sometimes more, but is never less.

3. Where do you and your wife find inspiration for the print direction?

Our travels and passions shape everything that we do.  For example, I've been a lifelong surfer, so creating a line of silk prints inspired by the sport was very important to me.  Astrid is an amazingly intuitive digital artist so she created the vintage, mixed-media visuals.  This past year we've been to Italy and Shanghai so we are presently working on prints directly inspired by each of those trips.

4. I know that not all handkerchiefs are created equal. How do you determine the size of each pocket & circle square?

It's very emotional and based entirely on the hand-feel of the silk/linen and the intensity of the color or print.  We try not to overthink things and just go with our gut instinct.  That said, a large number of our squares are roughly 13" which more often than not seems to just "feel right."

5. Does BYKANDFISCH do customized orders for premium clients? Is there a difference in price? 

Absolutely, which reminds me I NEED to update our website about that :) We will do it for any client that we feel we have a personal connection to.  Astrid just created a rugby inspired pocket square for a gentleman we are fond of.  Neither of us know him personally but we are connected through Instagram and we are good at getting a feel for people's style by the pictures they post and things they write.  There is a difference in price because at the end of the day it's 100% original artwork, but it's still in line with everything else we do.

6. Give the price range of your bespoke handkerchiefs and the science behind the retail price.

Our pocket squares and rounds begin at $55 and go to $165.  The science is simply based on quality/rarity of fabric, size, and what the market commands.  We believe strongly that a well made pocket square can last a lifetime.  Unlike ties, which go skinny to fat and back to skinny through the decades, the classic pocket square has been the same design for hundreds of years.  

7. It's great that BYKANDFISCH promotes handkerchiefs can be worn by both men and women. How much of the belief goes into which print you choose when developing the pocket squares/circles? 

We are thrilled to be living in a time where equality between the sexes grows each and every day.  Our pocket rounds were developed with women in mind because they carry less bulk and work better in a smaller pocket.  But as soon as I got my hands on one, I couldn't stop wearing them!  We will source fabrics or create things digitally specifically with women in mind, and 9 times out of 10 men will embrace them just as much.  We think confidence is sexy and liberating, and we've come to find that confident men and women don't play by the rules when it comes to personal style and fashion. 

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Creative Direction: Tamera Darden

Photography: Sir Noahbility

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