Dressbar, Cate Sheehy and Carmindy

Option 3!! 

Option 3!! 

ood Morning Beautiful!

Can you believe it's May? Where is this year going?! On Thursday, April 30th I had the pleasure of attending Dressbar's event featuring Style Director Cate Sheehy What Not To Wear's Makeup Artist, Carmindy!

Wonderful ladies, they were offering quick tips on how to be glam in 10 minutes. Even better, Carmindy was offered up her tips on looking glam with the 5 minute face.  Hell yes. Because I'm sure with everything we juggle, the last thing we want to do is take hours getting ready!


Cate Sheehy listed four things we need to keep in mind when getting ready: 

1. How's the weather?  You don't want to be caught unprepared for May showers, or have to many layers for a super sunny day. 

2. What's the occasion?  You're going to want to wear something sexy for a date night with beau and not so much for a baby shower. 

3. How do you feel?  Do you feel bright and colorful or sultry and sexy. 

4. What do you want people to feel when they see you?  Cate mentioned that a lot of her clients have vivacious personalities, but their wardrobe doesn't reflect that! Sounds familiar? 

Check out some of the video of her session below! 

Carmindy offered some great tips and showed the ladies how to look glam with the 5 minute face (yes it was timed!)

Here are her tips for looking glam in a flash:

1. Carmindize - quickly highlight the cheekbones and eyebrow arch using a fluffy brush

2. Eyes - use a liquid eyeliner in almond, brown color that looks great on every skin tone. Add eyeliner only to upper lash line starting at the root. Add mascara, also only to the upper lash line. 

3. Cheeks - with a light brush stroke, apply blush in a peach, pearlescent color on the apples.  

4. Lips - a tinted lip balm is really all you need do bring the look together!  

And Boom! you're done! 

Check the video to see part of the presentation.  

Afterwards, I was able to get to Cate and chit chat with her. It's great to see other women create their path to happiness in the fashion industry. She's bubbly, approachable and just all around amazing! I'm so happy I was able to meet her.  

Cate Sheehy and Me

Cate Sheehy and Me

Dressbarn's Style Director Cate Sheehy & Makeup Artist Carmindy

Dressbarn's Style Director Cate Sheehy & Makeup Artist Carmindy