Carmen Marc Valvo Launch at The Dressbar

Hello and Happy Monday!

If you follow me on IG, you'll see it's been quite a busy couple of days. Trust I'm not complaining! I rather be moving than being a loaf on the couch, except for the occasional bum days (c'mon I know you have those days too!).

First, thank you to everyone who voted on which beautiful dress I should wear to the Luxe by  Carmen Marc Valvo Launch at The Dressbar Pop Up Shop! It was fun trying on so many dresses and then leaving it up to you beautiful gal pals of mine to decide. And just to throw it out there, I trust you so much that I'd do it again *wink, wink*. 

You're probably asking The Dressbarn? What an odd collaboration. I beg to differ. I believe in empowering women through their wardrobe and the transformative powers a great outfit can have on a women's confidence. The Dressbarn shares my sentiments and its evident in their brand image and who their girl is. Dressbarn believes that Fashion + Value = Smart. And that's who their girl is: 

S. = Self Assured

M. = Modern

A. = Ageless

R. = Resourceful (one of my middle names)

T. = Trusted

Taking it a step further, The Dressbar Pop UP supported Fatigues to Fabulous, a non-profit organization that supports US military service women transitioning from military to civilian life. Many attendees purchased dresses that will be donated to the organization and gifted to the amazing women who fight for us. Talk about awesome. 

I had such an amazing time and I had the opportunity to chat with the designer himself! One of the highlights of the night is when he told me, "I bought this dress for one of my employees because of how it looked on you. It looks stunning." Now he could have been blowing smoke, but I trust that he was not! That's a really humbling compliment! I had to keep my cool and swag in tack and just twirled. Yes. Twirl. The event was a great success and even cooler was that it was open to the public! So the next event, I expect you to be there, say hey girl hey and shop shop shop! 

Who wouldn't want a wall of accessories?