Flat Lay Build: Breakfast Flat Lay

Hey Loves,

Can I be honest with you? I love flat lays. No, I really do! They’re fun, involve low overhead costs and they’re easy to create.

In addition to teaching a full and extensive curriculum in Flat Lay Styling Studio, mini flat lay tutorials are a quick and easy way to share small little tips for how to elevate your content.

Keep reading and view the Flat Lay Build Breakfast Flat Lay!

When working with a mostly neutral palette, it’s fun to add a strong pop of color, achieved here with the red strawberries.

To maintain balance, instead of showing the entire wicker tray, although beautiful, I’ve cropped it from frame, only showing a portion.

Also, to balance out having a prop of that size, the balance of the props are small in relation to the wicker basket.

Every week leading up to Alt Summit where I’ll be teaching mobile photography & flat lay styling workshop, I’ll be posting a flat lay build offering quick tricks for you to try!

Have a flat lay idea you’d like me to create? let me know in the comments!

Much Love,