Flat Lay Build: National Clean Your Office Day

Good Morning!

It’s National Clean Your Office Day and I’m here with another Flat Lay Build!

But first, how has everyone’s January been? Is it productive? Are you waiting until February to kick into high gear? For me it’s been a mixed bag.

While it’s been quiet on the client front, it’s actually given me time to strategize and plan out what I’d like the first 3 months of the year to be. Granted I can plan and God can have a totally different outcome, but at least I feel confident in knowing I’m on the right track.

Anywho, check out this flat lay build and here are 3 tips

When working with props of similar or various sizes, really use your grid feature to maintain balance.

See the laptop in the top left corner? You don’t have to show an entire prop in order for the audience to grasp the concept of what it is. Show just enough to maintain balance and give perspective.

If you’re backdrop is white & you’re using white props, to avoid getting lost, layer on top of another prop (headphones, top right corner)

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial! Have a flat lay you’d like me to create? Tell me in the comments!

Every week leading up to Alt Summit, I’ll be posted Flat Lay Builds along with tips.

Have an awesome week!

Much Love,