Flat Lay Build: Office Flat Lay

Hey Love!

I think I speak for everyone when I say I get a little excited when I see beautifully crafted office spaces. So much so that now I’m working out of one.

Creating an office flat lay was certainly a major request and so I’m delivering with one office flat lay featuring a book I’ve been reading recently: The Financial Diet. It simplifies finances for those who don’t have the big office or cubicle on Wall Street. I’m almost done and it’s certainly a good read.

Anywho, keep reading and view the flat lay build below!

When working with color, it’s best to select 1-2 colors as your base, with 1 neutral. In this case, my main color is pale pink to tie back to the page I’m featuring. My accent is blue and neutral is white.

Want to add depth to your flat lays? Stack props, in this case books underneath your hero item. Make sure the added props don’t distract from your primary prop or hero item, in this case, The Financial Diet book.

A fun way to add texture is with scarves! Again, low overhead and make sure the colors tie back to your overall color theme.

Have an idea or product you’d like me to feature in upcoming flat lays? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love,