Outfit Post: This Outfit matches my Hair

Hey Girl Hey!

Now I told ya'll before that I love color. I like to take risks and if they don't work, it's not the end of the world. Combining colors is a fun and quick way to add some creativity to your look. It doesn't involve adding prints, that can sometimes be daunting to some. 

You'll probably wondering (or not) did I just buy this and boom! Outfit magic! No, I'm not that kind of stylist and that is not my M.O. to be honest. I like to buy items that is consistent with my style vision and belief, that you do not need to spend tons to create an outfit that is AHHH-MAZING. I'll go more into my belief and story in an upcoming newsletter, so make sure you sign up boo

In terms of this outfit, I saw inspiration for putting this color combo together in a Glamour Magazine about over a year ago. I had the sweater for almost 2 years that I've worn many many times. The shoes I bought 3 Summers ago (!!!) and the pants I bought this past Fall. The first point is I take really good care of my clothes. The second is great style or achieving the style that you want takes time, patience and willingness to try new things. And it won't always come to you overnight or in a few days. But if you focus on your style vision, you'll never go wrong. That is my belief and what I tell my personal styling clients everyday. Confidence sells and your style should reflect your amazing personality in all aspects of your life. Enjoy and have a fabulous week! 

Photography by Jacob of Tunnelvisionnyc