4 Ways to Step Your Photo Game Up

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me the most popular question nowadays, "What camera do you use?" Whether it was response or disbelief that caused them not to respond, but my answer was simply, my iPhone. Media is absorbed so quickly and constantly these days through social media. Moreover, having the right images can take your business or personal brand to the next level. I made the decision last year to capture the images I wanted and be confident in what I post. I knew I was on to something when friends old and new commented on the elevated level of content I released. And I used my phone and 4 easy tips to get the attention I wanted. 


Probably a little intuitive, but cleaning your lens can certainly help your images to come out clean and clear. Use a cotton surface to gently wipe the lens clean. 

Shoot in Natural Light.

Natural Light is great for several reasons. From experience the colors are not distorted when shooting in natural light. Meaning you'll be able to see the true intensity and depth when shooting. Also, natural light can help with consistency across the entire image. For consistency, try shooting on an overcast day. You can also play around with shadows for a more dramatic effect. 

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is probably as old as the launch of IG (I'm also being a little dramatic). But this rule is important to keep in mind when shooting. This rule helps with balancing your negative space to your object. Shooting with an iPhone? You can use the grid feature when shooting. Just go to settings, camera and turn on the Grid feature.

Fixed Auto Exposure/Auto Focus

When I was just an IG newbie, I used to take selfies and pics of other things and griped about the haze I saw in the picture or the overexposure. Until my non-BAE Sirnoahbility taught me about the Fixed Auto Exposure/Auto Focus feature on the iPhone camera. When you wanted to keep the settings of your image consistent, this is a great feature. When in shooting mode, simply press your screen to fix the exposure/focus. This was a complete GAME CHANGER. 


*All images taken with my iPhone*