Tips for Posting Images on Instagram

You’ve got your brand new photos. You’re eager & excited to share them with the world. And you should be!

You post your 1st photo from your first batch of New New. But yet they look somewhat pixelated and not as crisp as they were when you received them from the photographer. What Gives?

Here are 2 tips to make sure your photos look crisp.

You can post in more than square. About 1 or 2 years ago, Instagram made posting images more responsive. What does that mean? It means instead of being restricted to only 1:1 or square, you can post in various dimensions. Meanwhile, when visitors visit your handle or feed, it’ll still be clean & in a square. I’ll give examples. While there are a few, we’ll cover 2.

4:5 Vertical & Horizontal

This is the most common dimensions you see when you scroll Instagram today. The main pro is the image takes up more screen space, encouraging people to view and tap the image. It also takes people more swipes to scroll up when there is a 4:5 image vs 1:1 image (in theory).

Clients receive select 4:5 cropped images, making them immediately ready for use on Instagram. But how do you make sure you’re optimizing the space? Check out the video below! When you are posting your images, there is a button on the bottom left corner, giving you permission to expand the photo to it’s original size. Keep this in mind prior to posting.

9:16 Vertical

These dimensions are slightly longer and mirror the size of an iPhone screen. This image size is ideal for IG stories. See Images Below shot 9:16. 

DSC03114-2 Smaller.jpeg

2. Zoom. 3 Words. Don’t Do It. Most images are already in sizes ideal for IG or Web Posting and Zooming can compromise the integrity of the photo. If you prefer another crop or different dimensions of an image, I’d recommend working with your photographer to do a simple crop.

Hopefully this quick post helps.

Happy Posting!