What to Consider when Booking Your Lifestyle Photo Shoot. Cost Isn't #1.

Images can make or break a brand and when done right, can elevate your business/brand to the next level. There are so many photographers and trying to navigate and confirm the right person is half the challenge. While one may consider price to be an important factor, there are 4 that takes precedent. Check them out below!

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  1. I am confident this person can execute my vision?

    This may seem like an obvious choice but not all photographers are created equal. Photographers dedicate their time & skill to develop their own aesthetic and personal style. If you prefer bright, happy photos, don’t assume a photographer whose calling card is dark shadows and moody to execute your vision. Make sure to review the photographer’s portfolio and social media handles (where available) before making the investment.

  2. Does this person match my vibe?

    The older I get and the longer I do this, making sure there is synergy with my clients is HELLA important! It can make or break the relationship and if it’s not a great fit, it can be a long road to the final images delivery. Are you someone who prefers to micromanage the process from beginning to end? Are you more laid back and trust your photographer will communicate when needed? Do you prefer your photographer also serve as the project manager? Once you’re on the phone, ask the photographer about his/her process and of course timeline. You’ll know within 10 minutes if it is a good fit or not.


3. Is this photographer available to meet my deadline?

Do you have a quick turnaround time? If it’s like a 48 hour turnaround time, you may need to pay a rush fee (something you should definitely ask!). But if you’re someone who is planning a launch or re-brand, photography is probably in the middle or towards the end of your process. Be honest and upfront about when you need the final receipt of images and allow the photographer to work backwards from there to create a realistic timeline for the project.


4. What’s included in your lifestyle shoot package?

The best photo shoots happen when it’s a collaborative effort between the photographer & client. At least that’s my opinion. So how is the photographer making sure he/she is capturing exactly what you want? Is there an initial assessment form? A mood board? What about hair and makeup? How many outfit changes and images? Make sure to ask what’s included if the photographer doesn’t mention it first. You want to feel confident in the service and your photographer and it’ll show in photos!