Workout outfits under $50

Training is under way for the Nike Women's San Francisco Half. Except for the little detail that my foot slightly hurts at the moment (more on that in the next audio diary). But nothing gets me in the mood more than new workout gear! And instead of spending tons of money on workout gear, you can find inexpensive alternatives at your favorite stores! Here are a few outfit ideas under $50 to give you inspiration. Yes I put them in diagram form because I'm a slight nerd. Enjoy!

*** A Tidbit On the Right Footwear***

It's so important to make sure you have the right footwear before heading out to do any workout activity! It's because of not having the right sneakers, that I'm now nursing some hurting. Make sure to go to a professional fitting establishment (like Patagonia or Jack Rabbit) to get the right footwear. And as a note of reference, for runners and super athletes, you need to switch out your footwear every 6 months. Even if they look brand new. Trust me, I know! 

Tamera DardenComment