I'd Tap That...


You ever wonder how people get tons of comments & likes on their pictures?

I mean who wouldn’t want that double tap? Picture *pun intended* an image you scroll across with a bright background, great clarity, creates an emotional, mental or social response and persuades the customer to click your link. I'd tap that. Now imagine an image that is poor quality, grainy, dark and just all around janky. I wouldn’t want to tap that. 

Nothing makes me more disappointed than when I’m scrolling through my timeline and I see a poor quality picture. I let out a deep sigh and a face palm. You deserve bomb ass pictures.

You deserve a strong visual identity and content that will rock the socks off of your customers.

We’re human. and if you haven’t noticed, we love visuals. Lots of visuals. Don’t believe me?

Look at Instagram for instance. Instagram is the fastest growing platform with over 200 Million Users as of 2013.

The engagement rate is 15x more than Facebook and 40x more than Twitter. And to drill the point even further, 67% of consumers say image quality is “very important” for choosing a product in e-commerce - a percentage that exceeds product info, a long description or rates & reviews (Citation Here). There are more cool statistics, but I don’t want to throw numbers at you. I think you get the drift of how far great images can take you and your business. 


I've been around the block to know that great images sell.

Great images elicit a response and can lead to engagement and possibly money in your pocket.

Me and my team of visual cohorts want to create that amazing, dopeness for you. Using creative flair with proven analytics we’ll create high quality, clean and cathartic (a fancy word for open expression of strong emotions) images that’ll make your customers want to tap that.

So if you're looking to elevate your images without the hefty price tag, send me a quick email at tamera.darden@gmail.com or click here.


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